My Fave Salad

My Favorite Mid-Week Salad
I like to do Pure Barre on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. On Monday and Wednesday, I do Pure Barre at 530, and end at 630. By the time I get home, I'm starving. This is a quick salad that I like to throw together with items on hand! All of these items can be found at Trader Joes except for the dressing.
*Organic Mixed Greens
*Organic Dried Cranberries
*Organic Red Onion
*Organic Shredded Carrots
*Steamed & Peeled Ready Beets (non GMO)
*Goat Cheese or Gongonzola Cheese
*Organic Kiwi or Apples
*Cracked Pepper
*Sweet & Spicy Pecans
*Braggs Organic Healthy Vinaigrette

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